Friday, 16 September 2016

A Day Out At...Chatsworth Country Fair 2016

If you read my Freebies & Wins post for August you will know that I was lucky enough to win Saturday tickets to the annual Chatsworth Country Fair. I'd never been before and was really excited. I love a country fair and I love country estates so combine the two and I was onto a winner!

Bird of Prey at Chatsworth Country Fair 2016 Lifestyle, travel blog blogger
This Guy.

We only live around a 45 minute drive away from Chatsworth so it wasn't an arduous journey and we were very surprised by how little traffic there was leading to the venue, we'd anticipated quite a big queue- i'd even packed snacks in case it was really bad but we were straight into the car park and directed to a parking spot. Our tickets were checked as we pulled into the car park and that was it, we didn't need them at any other point.

So the traffic had played ball but the weather definitely did not! It was raining the entire time we were there and it alternated between bearable and torrential. The weather certainly had an impact on how much time we spent at the event. If the weather had been dry I would have been hitting up the prosecco and strawberries and parking myself on one of the lawned areas but alas I ended up eating the paella i'd been looking forward to squashed into a corner under one of very few tented areas. The organisers had clearly hoped for better weather as very little of the event was undercover. Many stalls were open to the elements and walking between stalls and the different areas always meant a soaking.

Chatsworth Country Fair 2016 Competition Prize lifestyle, travel blog blogger
The view whilst eating my paella!

Fortunately we'd packed waterproofs and wellies so we could walk around and explore whatever the weather. There were a wide variety of shops selling typical country attire such as boots, wax jackets and tweed caps. There was also a wide array of home and garden areas and we saw some wonderful 'hobbit' style garden buildings that were amazing but wayyyy out of our budget! As with all country fairs there was the artisan products, unique homewares, handmade candles and stationery and best of all homegrown, authentic food products. There were treats galore and we picked up some round cakes, some amazing brownies and Dan treated himself to some orange and whiskey marmalade. You are well catered for if you come here to shop. There was a lot of choice.

We mainly went for the food shopping but there were plenty of other things going off from typical country pursuits such as clay pigeon shooting to shows and displays by motorcycle groups, horse riders and dog agility groups. There was also a cookery theatre where famous chefs demonstrated some of their skills. I was amazingly excited to discover that actual Mary Berry was there demonstrating and book signing. I also glimpsed Alan Titchmarsh who looked like a very cheerful and friendly fella!

Mary Berry and Alan Titchmarsh at Chatsworth Country Fair travel and lifestyle blog blogger competition prize
Sorry for terrible quality- had to act quickly due to rain!

There were plenty of activities to keep little ones entertained including fairground rides, mini dodgems and enough candy floss and sweet stalls to keep them awake for a month. My favourite display was the birds of prey. There were some beautiful, elegant creatures to admire.

At events like this I always gravitate towards giant paella pans. I think it stems from my love of the Es Cana Hippie market in Ibiza but if that's not your thing then there is plenty of other choice for lunch. Everything from the traditional bacon butty to the more interesting ostrich burger. There is food for all tastes and of course you are welcome to take a picnic if the weather's on your side!

We spent a good few hours walking around the Chatsworth Country Fair and we would have spent quite a few more if it hadn't been so wet. The weather definitely impacted on our enjoyment of the day but we got to eat some delicious street food, dream about things for our home that we could never afford and take home some delicious goodies so all in all it was a great day out!

Thanks for reading and special thanks to Jen at for hosting the giveaway in which I won the prize. 


Friday, 9 September 2016

Beauty Review: Nuxellence Detox by Nuxe

Nuxellence Detox Nuxe Beauty Review

Nuxe are a leading pharmacy brand that began in the 1990s in Paris. They aim to provide a wide range of skincare to meet the needs of women of all ages. The company pride themselves on their ability to combine scientific innovation with natural and sustainable ingredients. They are one of my favourite skincare brands due to their advance formulas, effective products and fair price point.

Nuxellence Detox is a member of the Nuxe anti-aging skincare line and is designed to be used at night. The product makes very bold claims about it’s effectiveness, claiming to make your complexion ‘brighter, fresh and radiant, as if you’d have slept 2 extra hours’.  The product claims to ‘boost skin purification and cell renewal’ to reveal youthful looking skin.

My Opinion  *Please note this review refers to the 15ml sample size.


The sample size comes in a 15ml squeezy tube whereas the full size, 50ml product comes in a sleek and attractive pump top bottle. Both sizes feature the same design elements. The product comes in lovely relaxing, midnight purple packaging that is indicative of its night time use. This is handy if you also use the day time product ‘Nuxellence Eclat’ as you can easily differentiate between the identical bottles based on colour. Light for day, dark for night, and they look nice alongside each other. The small bottle packs all the required information as well as quite a bit of detail on the product in various languages. It is clearly a brand that has multi-national appeal. The range title, target skin types and product benefits are easy to read so you could pick this off the shelf and have an idea if it’s right for you. I like the packaging, it’s sleek, looks and feels of quality and accurately reflects the product.


The product itself has a very potent scent which I have found to be a signature element of Nuxe skincare. According to Nuxe the product contains ‘Passion Flower, Anchusa and Poppy’ and consists of ‘at least 91.7% natural ingredients’. Therefore I assume that the fragrance is a consequence of this and not artificial. Though the fragrance is a very pleasant fruity, floral scent the severity of it maybe off putting for some, without prior knowledge of the brand and its effectiveness and based on scent alone I probably wouldn’t choose this product.

The usage instructions state ‘to be used at night, on its own or under the regular night cream’. This implies that the product is a serum but in actual fact the product has the consistency of a thin lotion. The off-white cream is very easy to massage over the skin and very little product is needed for full coverage. It is very quickly absorbed. The scent does linger, so you may need to factor that in.


I have sensitive skin that leans more towards dry. After cleansing I need to moisturise immediately to avoid tight feeling skin. This product provides the instant moisture I am looking for and my skin continues to feel moisturised until I next cleanse. It also makes my skin feel soft and smooth. The fragrance isn’t an issue in terms of my skin having a reaction but I try not to apply the product straight before bed as its strong scent keeps me awake. Overnight I find that it provides adequate hydration and I wake up with my skin feeling clean, refreshed and smoother. I am not sure that it has the power to make me look like I’ve had an extra two hours sleep but I doubt any product has that capability, it’s simply marketing terminology for ‘smoother, fresher skin’ which the product does achieve. It won’t turn back time but it does make the skin you’re in look and feel better which is all I really expect from a skincare product. I would rate the product as 4/5 for effectiveness.

Price & Availability

The effectiveness is almost irrelevant when you consider the price. A whopping £48 for 50ml. That’s absurd. I know sustainable and natural ingredients cost more but when brands can offer products with similar specs for half the price then I feel this price point is unacceptable.

If you do love the product and are okay with the price then shop around as  Nuxe as a brand often run gifts with purchase and have regular sales and discount codes so you can get more for your money. Nuxe products are stocked at a majority of online beauty outlets and are available in-store and online at Marks andSpencer.

Would I Buy Again?

Overall it is a good quality product. It fits within the parameters of the brands natural ethos and fulfils a majority of its skincare claims. It is just so expensive. I’ve loved sampling it and would happily request it as a sample again when I next order from Nuxe but I just cannot afford to have this in my regular skincare routine.

Thanks for reading,


Monday, 5 September 2016

Freebies & Wins: What the postie brought in August...

It’s September! Welcome to the first of many regular posts that details all the freebies and competition wins I receive throughout the previous month.All of the items featured here were easy to apply for, often just filling in a simple form and the more you apply for the more you get sent/win.

August Freebies and Competition wins blog blogger uk lifestyle giveaway
Neutrogena Hydroboost Bzz Kit


Charlotte Tilbury Perfume Sample, Scent of a Dream-  I was quite disappointed to receive just a postcard sample as I don't think you can get much of a feel for how a fragrance wears on you from a scented sticker, and at £49 for the smallest bottle I'm going to want to know if it's for me but on initial impression this is a very nice fragrance. A deep, heavy floral that is right up my street. I'll be keeping an eye for an actual bottle I can test to determine if it's worth the investment.

Neutrogena Hydroboost Moisturiser Bzz Kit-After having a particularly dreadful morning the postie arrived with a smile and my latest BzzKit. If you like trying the latest products for FREE and you don't mind giving the company some feedback and taking part in fun social media activities then sign up to BzzAgent! I can't wait to try out Neutrogena's Hydroboost moisturiser- and the best bit- I get 10 samples to give to friends! Thank you Bzz Agent.

Salcura Skincare Samples-I was delighted to see some Salcura skincare samples come through the letterbox, not because I suffer with dry, irritable skin but because my poor dog does and emollient creams are the cheapest and most effective treatment for when his skin is inflamed an he itches to the point he causes himself sores. These sachets will be really handy for when we take Ian the Dog out travelling and we're away over night.

Competition Wins

I used to enter a lot of competitions and had quite a lot of success but with moving house and renovating that hobby sadly got cast aside. I restarted ‘comping’ in mid-August and have had two prizes already!

A £20 iTunes voucher courtesy of Levi Roots- I used to enter this daily and never won. The first time I entered this time around I won, how fortunate!

Two tickets to the Chatsworth Country Fair via shegetsaroundblog- I live local to Chatsworth but never take the time to visit. I was determined to win this and completed daily Twitter entries and it paid off! Expect a post all about that soon!

As you can see applying for free samples and entering competitions is a great way of injecting a few treats into your day without having to spend a penny and nothing can beat the excitement of a competition win!

Thanks for reading!


Please note: this post is not intended to sound like i'm bragging. I'm just sharing my hobby and I love having a nosy through other people's wins and freebies, feel free to link yours below;

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Welcome Back!

Hello to my readers new and old! 

If you've visited me here on before then you will have noticed that the blog has undergone some EPIC changes, that's due to a technical malfunction, a childish tantrum and an inability to correct my mistake.'s's all gone. Every. Single. Thing. The entirety of the blog got deleted and whilst I was initially devastated I have decided to embrace this as an opportunity to reflect and redevelop. I've adjusted the categories to reflect where I am currently at in my life and I've created a fresh, new design that better reflects my personality and also my html capabilities. I wanted something simple and easy to maintain and with all this newness comes renewed vigour, determination and motivation. Hopefully I can rebuild into a fresher, more reflective expression of who I am and what I like to write about.

Here's to the future...  

Thanks for stopping by